Alan Ziegler, Owner, Futures Funding Corp, Rochester, NY
I’ve been fortunate to have Ken Corpus as my IT “go to guy” for the last 8 years. He has helped me with a Palm PDA now transitioned to a Droid; desktops, laptops, netbooks and now an iPad. He has worked on my office computers and server as well as my in my wife’s home computers. He has helped with the transition to both new and upgraded software, consulting and, where needed, installing. He’s always been professional and knowledgeable, but most important timely. He has always made himself available to answer my questions and show up in person when needed whenever I’ve had a problem-and they’ve not always been during business hours! He is very thorough and when he doesn’t have an answer at his fingertips, he researches it until he gets one. He’s advised me on new equipment and upgrades and I have the utmost confidence in him and trust in his abilities. I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly.

Nate M. Agnello from Rochester, NY
Ken, Korey, and Kris, Excellent Service! Thank you all so much for your excellent outstanding service and help with getting my laptop back up and properly running again.. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with all you have done and especially the speed and quick turnaround for all the repairs… as I’ve told you, your company is now my go to computer shop and I have told many people about your high quality service and superb knowledge of everything…Thanks again, Nate…

George and Amy Cline, HomePro Inspections, Webster, NY
Ken: We’re very pleased with your work and the costs. Thanks very much for going above and beyond to get (our computer upgrade) completed yesterday! We love the speed and efficiency of the new computers. It’s like that “new car” feeling in the office! The automated backup system is great! No worries about lost data! We’ll recommend you to anyone we know looking to purchase new computers. Thanks again! George and Amy

Tim Black, Owner, Irrigation Tech, Rochester, NY
Ken: You and I are both in business and I’m sure you have found over the years that you usually only hear from your customers when there is a problem. Hence the cliché, “no news is good news”. Because most people just say nothing when all is good. I too am guilty but I want to break from that mold just this once. Please let your web-person know that I’ve been very happy/satisfied with the speed and accuracy of my website changes. Because of this smooth transition between request and implementation, I’m really more inclined to try and keep the site updated. Thank you very much.

Douglas MacIntyre, Owner, Well-BeingTherapy, Rochester, NY
I have done business with six different computer services in my years of business here in Rochester. Computer Works Pro is my vendor because they stand out from the rest. With CWP I get my computers fixed with quick turnaround and I also get friendly, personal service. Most important to me, CWP can explain what I need to know in terms I can understand. With CWP’s help, my technical operation is more effective and efficient and far less frustrating.